ITR Africa is on track for the digital future of supply chain management with its newly implemented, cutting-edge QWIX warehouse management Solution

ITR Africa, part of the USCO Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of components for earth-moving machines: undercarriage, GET (wear parts) and repair parts has chosen to partner with QWIX in order to transform its distribution process and take a bold step into the digital future of supply chain management.

As the manufacturer of all ITR branded products, ITR is focused on being in full control throughout the value chain.  The implementation of its custom-configured QWIX warehouse management system means  that it can continue to build on and enhance its current system to ensure it offers the highest quality levels and availability of its comprehensive product range to valued clients.

What makes this partnership work is the synergy in values and like-minded views on work ethic and client satisfaction.

QWIX, pioneering Warehouse Management Specialists, with over 20 years in the field, is uniquely positioned to transform a client’s business operation with a combination of cutting-edge Warehouse Management Software Solutions and a Team with vast amounts of skills, experience and knowledge of the Supply Chain industry.

ITR Africa, one of the largest distributors of undercarriage, GET and replacement parts of earthmoving machines in Southern Africa, is active in the mining, construction, agriculture, component, plant hire and forestry industries.  Its operations and distribution network is extensive and encompasses branches throughout South Africa and into Namibia and Zambia.

The QWIX Solution implemented at ITR Africa, involved a cloud-based warehouse management software system which was configured to suit ITR Africa’s unique needs, resulting in a simple, streamlined, cutting edge system implemented and backed by the specialist QWIX team.

“QWIX is excited to partner with ITR Africa, and to transform its network which covers a fairly large geograhical footprint,” says QWIX director, Riaan du Plessis.

“Our logistics and warehouse management systems are easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle any size distribution operation”.

With a QWIX Solution ITR Africa will be able to do what it does, only better, faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

If you’re reading this and wondering about getting your business on track to head into the digital future with QWIX contact Sean van Harmelen, head of the QWIX consulting team or visit and we’ll get you started – no looking back, guaranteed.