UPP boldly heads into the digital future of supply-chain management with a state-of-the-art QWIX warehouse management Solution


“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got” – Albert Einstein.

Changing the way you have always done something takes boldness and a touch of bravery.

UPP recognises the genius in the words of Mr Einstein, arguably one of the World’s greatest geniuses and is excited to boldly transform the way it does what it does, on the operational side of things, to give customers an even better result.

Universal Paper and Plastics (UPP), a long-standing family business, deeply rooted in South Africa is taking a bold step into the digital future of supply-chain management by partnering with QWIX with the aim of transforming its processes with a new, digital Warehouse Management System (WMS).

UPP’s 100% virgin paper manufacturing unit, Universal Paper Manufacturing (UPM) will be transformed as QWIX works alongside existing UPP service provider, Parity (Intelligent Business Systems), to implement the QWIX WMS™ which marries existing with new and streamlines the entire supply-chain, taking it into the digital future. The task of configuring and integrating the new WMS with the existing Sage X3 ERP implemented by Parity is made that much easier due to the fact that the QWIX Solutions are immensely configurable and compatible.

“We have ensured that our logistics and warehouse management systems are easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle any size manufacturing and or distribution operation,” says CEO of QWIX, Riaan du Plessis. 

“We have the added advantage of our products not only integrating well together offering you a seamless end-to-end solution for your asset and inventory tracking but also the fact that our systems integrate with more than 10 ERP systems.”

QWIX are pioneering Warehouse Management Specialists, with over 20 years in the field.

“Qwix Technology entered the logistics and warehouse management systems market in 2001 and has been a market leader ever since. We have provide world class, home-grown software products and the highest level of service to our ever-growing customer base,” says Riaan.

Having it’s QWIX WMS™ implemented means UPM will be able to do what it always has just better – faster, more efficiently and with fewer errors – ultimately resulting in happier customers who receive only the best at the end of the line.

If you’re reading this and wondering about moving your company ahead of the rest, into the digital future,with QWIX contact sales@qwix.net or visit qwix.net  or alternatively contact Nicolas Kruger directly at nicolas@qwix.net for your QWIX Warehouse Management System (WMS) and we’ll get you started – no looking back, guaranteed.