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Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD)


Electronic Proof of Delivery

The QWIX EPOD™ (electronic proof of delivery), our device agnostic Android application, provides “the last mile” electronic audit trail for your supply chain. Connected through your cellphone network, this easy to use application will enable you to receive live proof-of-delivery, with a range of selected functionalities like barcode scanning, full collection and delivery functionality, and capture capabilities for signatures and GPS coordinates. The QWIX EPOD™ can be entirely configured to your requirements, and can operate as a standalone solution or integrated with any enterprise resource planner (ERP).


Hosted Solution

Run QWIX EPOD™ on your local server, or as a hosted solution.


Electronic Signature Capture

Sign on screen and capture signatures of package recipients.


Hybrid Connection

To counter bad connection, QWIX EPOD™ runs a hybrid connection, meaning it can operate in areas with next-to-no signal, syncing up when connected to a network. The solution is fully capable of reverse logistics, collecting returns from stores (or end-users) and tracking the delivery back to the store (or distribution centre).  Each user also has a unique login which is password protected.


Take a picture of client receiving goods, or potential damage to goods delivered, improving live referencing or record-keeping.

Barcode Scanning

Use the camera or barcode scanner on your device to scan your deliveries, helping to maintain accuracy and confirm products.


Security Seal Verification

Protect your trucks or material handling units with security seals, being able verify them at the time of delivery.


Track your routes

With QWIX EPOD™, you can track a variety of routes in your supply chain.

Distribution Centre to Store

Distribution Centre to End-User

Distribution Centre to Distribution Centre


Store to Distribution Centre

Store to Store

Store to End-User

End-User to Distribution Centre (Returns)