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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Warehouse Management (WMS)

QWIX Warehouse™ is an all-encompassing, electronic Warehouse Management System (WMS) that equips you with real-time results to effectively manage your warehouse logistics. Our system is designed to fully automate your warehouse management, using intelligent, personalised digital interfaces and dynamic workflow arrangements. Since 2001, we have been equipping customers with tools, systems and expertise to optimise their warehouse processes, increasing the efficiency that is crucial to their success.

Special features of the QWIX warehouse management system include:

Dynamic workflow – All processes are linked to your workflow with the ability to introduce unlimited processes within functional areas.

Tablet integration – Use your choice of Android tablets to fully manage your warehouse from the warehouse floor, or anywhere in the world.    

Open OS mobile devices – Get all the benefits of an intelligent user interface on your mobile device or scanner across Windows CE, Windows Mobile or Android.      

Desktop Interface – Have the extensive drilldown capability that comes with a desktop interface.        

Today screen – Based on your needs, place all the relevant shortcuts and reports you need on one screen.        

Scanners interface – Have access to an intelligent user interface, with improved audible voice guidance and user interaction.

ERP Integration to Date

Integration between Qwix and ERP/Financial systems are powered by the very powerful Qwix Air™ Engine. If your ERP/Financial System is not listed above, please click here to enquire.



Receiving – Receive against purchase orders, shipments, etc.

Partial receiving – Receive part shipments with ease with the ability to process put-aways dynamically during the receiving process.

Serial numbers – Receive serialised items, with full traceability

Batch/Lot traceability – Record and track batch/lot numbers for better traceability, as well as FIFO, LIFO and FEFO management

Checking – Add any amount of checking processes before put-away

Quality Assurance – Manage your quality assurance process, based on various criteria

On hold – Place individual items, or complete lots/batches on hold

Messaging – Set up system generated warning messages with the ability of sending messages to supervisors, enabling you react to issues in real time

Audit Trail – Full audit trail of all transactions based on date, time and user.

User audit trail – Full audit trail on users (with productivity measurement, bench marking, etc.)


(Put Away)

System-directed put-away

Put-away criteria based on pre-set configuration (e.g. volumetric association with bins or zones)

Increased speed and accuracy

Detailed audit trail down to user, time-and-date stamp and result

All transactions executed on the warehouse floor, using mobile computers through a wireless network

Reduce stock losses, as well as dock-to-stock time

Zero paperwork

Ability to optimise warehouse space utilisation, using system-calculated, volumetric routing

Reverse Logistics


Provide a full audit trail for returns with the ability to assign reason codes.

Create credit authorization, better managing returns from clients

Seamless return of damaged goods to suppliers

Create system-generated movement instructions based on selected reason codes

Serial number enquiry for better warranty management




Support all picking methods (e.g. sales order, wave, consolidated, bulk, or cluster picking)

Paperless operations

Walk-order optimisation

Picking in multiple zones, as well as for jobs

Load balancing across operators, ensuring top productivity

Live performance measurement

Dashboards on progress

Serial number picking

Pick to either box or pallet




Inter-warehouse transfers

Inter-bin transfers

Inter-branch transfers

Checking and Packaging

Unlimited checking options

Automated packing, with remote printing for your package labels

Load-balancing across checking, or packing stations

Printing of delivery documentation and invoices

Selective checking, based on predetermined rules (i.e. weight)

Live productivity measurement

Dashboards on productivity



Automated dispatch routing based on criteria like transporter preference

Integration with most transport and courier services

Printing abilities for documents like waybills, delivery notes, etc.


Comprehensive stock-take capabilities, with full integration

Both manual and automated cycle-counting


Advanced optimisation features (where available)


Warehouse defragmentation

Intelligent replenishment

Volumetric indexing

Automated movements, based on dynamic ABC analysis

Real-time integration error management

Optimisation for walk-order management, with intelligent resume functionality

Real-time performance and productivity management.



Integration with more than 10 ERP systems through the QWIX AIR™ integration engine

Automated error handling and resolving with dynamic alerts, ensuring a smooth integration experience