Supply chain management is key to the growth of your operation, and deciding how you will manage your warehousing is a significant part of stewarding development and efficiency. When choosing a partner for your warehouse management service (WMS), one of the first debates in one’s mind is “local versus international.” Both may have their pros and cons, depending on your business and its needs. However, as leaders in the market, QWIX Warehouse™ recommends South African businesses buy local. Pricing, quality, and personalized customization are all factors that make buying local the preferred option for your warehouse management.

1. Pricing competitive vs. International

When using a currency that is many times weaker than those used by many international retailers or service providers, buying internationally is often more of a detriment than an advantage. For example, when buying equipment such as printers or scanners, the cost of doing business (shipping, maintenance, etc.) internationally will be significantly more than if it’s done locally. Plus, local service providers are generally in competition with one other, especially when it comes to pricing. This provides an incentive for prices to become more and more affordable. When it comes to international providers, however, they have no reason to take part in such competition; their prices will be set by the global market, not the local market. All this to say that local pricing will always favour the local business.

2. Highly skilled local resources

It wasn’t long ago when searching international for high quality resources seemed like the only viable option for the growth of one’s business; the scales either tipped in favour of being “affordably” local, or internationally “high quality.” However, South Africa has seen a massive increase in quality of the resources provided. Gone are the days of needing to hire international. Businesses are now able to receive training and hands on assistance, and this is especially valuable in the world of warehouse management. For example, QWIX offers implementation and training services for their Agile™ asset tracking system; this is made possible by highly skilled professionals in local positions. For almost two decades, QWIX has been developing their own skills and resources, producing “world class, home-grown” resources that are “on par with any international product offering.”

3. All customization approved and done locally

Often needing to quickly and efficiently alter their systems to fit a company’s needs, an important aspect of the warehouse management industry is the design and implementation of flexible and easily customizable systems for their production chain. Doing this is only made easier with a local WMS provider. As we’ve discussed, local service providers carry with them high quality services and greater affordability, not to mention of having easy direct access to your WMS provider, in a local language.

4. Turnaround of customization within days

Staying in tune with customization, another advantage of having a local WMS is the speed of customization turnaround. In the world of warehouse management, efficiency is the most important need, and it is no different when it comes to customization of your warehouse and its systems. Buying international carries the burden of time, and as is often the case, time is money. Just as local services often bring with them support that is available for the daily operation of a warehouse, they also have the ability to help customize and adapt your management systems quickly, effectively and as regularly as necessary.

5. User experience designed locally for local conditions

Just like when you go on holiday, speaking the language is often a determining factor in whether or not there is success. Though not as literal, the same principle applies to using local services. Though international companies can offer a lot and may even be offer

exactly what you need, they don’t live where you do; they don’t speak your language. Local services know their way around your neighborhood, so to speak. They know what works, what fits, and what doesn’t. Not only that, but many local service providers, like QWIX, work with the local market in mind; an international service, though effective, may not be attentive to the needs of a local business. They are international for a reason. As such, having a local service provider ensures that the user experience is designed and put together specifically for the context that you work in.


Whether a business is small, large, or growing, having the best resources at its disposal is a crucial element of stepping into the vision it has for its future. When it comes to WMS, this is no different; Choosing between a Local Warehouse Management Service or international service provider, local remains the answer for local businesses. The benefits of low pricing, high quality of service, efficient customization, and design that is relevant to local business stand as testament to this. Let our experience and expertise at QWIX Warehouse™ help you achieve the business objectives you are aiming for. Contact us today!