Why automate your warehouse? With QWIX it makes perfect financial and operational sense. QWIX Warehouse Management System (WMS) can save your company time and money.

How? WMS software can reduce labour, eliminate human processing errors and consolidate steps in your process making it more streamlined. The crux of the matter is – it can change the way your entire business operates.


1. Labour management & efficiency 

The QWIX Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed to fully automate your warehouse management with dynamic workflow arrangements. This means all processes are linked to your workflow and this coupled with a full audit transaction trail of users, zero paperwork and automated team member direction means a more efficient team and process. The system provides the fastest picking routes, facilitates picking in multiple zones and walk-order optimisation saving your team valuable time as well as giving them concise, accurate answers related to tasks allowing them to move from task to task smoothly and without time-consuming hitches and reducing the ‘footpath’ of team members on the shop or warehouse floor saving not only time but also reducing the risk of injury.  An added bonus is that automation also allows you to more accurately assess your workforce requirement.


2. Fewer Errors

The human error risk factor is unavoidable in any warehouse operation. Every error takes up time – first with having to identify the error then formulating a rectification plan and eventually correction through implementing the plan. Errors are also risky business when it comes to your customers and can lose you business through unhappy or dissatisfied customers. The inherent, internal ‘checks and balances’ of the QWIX WMS reduces the risk of errors, allows for fast, automatic identification of any errors that do occur resulting in prompt correction and thereby also hugely reduces the chance of having to duplicate work which costs time and money. Fewer errors = Happy customers.


3. Streamlining your Process

Qwix WMS provides tools, systems and expertise to optimise your warehouse processes, thus increasing efficiency and also gives you insight and direction into your process which enables you to identify any unnecessary/extra steps which could save time.

It equips you with real-time results to effectively manage your warehouse logistics and is designed to fully automate your warehouse management, using intelligent, personalised digital interfaces and dynamic workflow arrangements which all add to a far more streamlined process.


4. Timing is everything

Automation of your warehouse with WMS software makes you a master of your timing….

  • It ties in with delivery information and scheduling – ensuring deliveries go out on time.
  • Order prioritising can be based on projected shipping windows – resulting in greater efficiency and ensuring deliveries are early rather than late.
  • Delivery schedule problems also cost the company time and warehouse space – WMS saves time and money through optimisation of your space with system-calculated volumetric routing and system-directed put-away.

When QWIX WMS software “does its job” you are able to “do your job” effortlessly. You can expect a streamlined process with major changes to team productivity, speed of order movement and deliveries all of which will save you time and money in the long-run. QWIX Warehouse Management System  can save your company time and money.

Some QWIX clients who are reaping the rewards after choosing to automate with a QWIX Warehouse Management System include:  Clicks, HomeChoice, Duram Smart Paint, HellermannTytonZest WEG Group, Sea Harvest, Verimark, BCE Foodservice Equipment.