From Crisis comes Great Opportunity – The Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the Warehouse and Supply Chain industry – it’s all about your approach… 

The worldwide pandemic’s impact on the Warehouse and Supply Chain industry holds the potential to go in two directions… it’s the way we approach the crisis that determines whether the outcome is an opportunity or a disaster. Hence – from Crisis comes Great opportunity…

For instance – do you see ‘The Day Paper became a Health Hazard’ as a supply-chain delivery process “disaster-in-the-making” or an opportunity to embrace innovation with a shift towards Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)?

The global Covid-19 pandemic changed the World in general and undoubtedly the world of warehousing and the supply-chain industry, forever.  


As the virus took hold and spread throughout the world a massive ripple effect ensued inevitably affecting the supply-chain and warehousing industry.  

A surge in infections, a transport delay and/or warehouse lockdown closures in one part of the world had a ripple effect across the globe resulting in missing or delayed stocks or supplies in other parts.  The world saw massive changes in shopping behavior and accelerated growth in e-commerce which left warehousing struggling to keep up and decision makers in the industry forced to re-evaluate plans and turn to modernising operations in order to get ahead and stay ahead.

Everyday things such as simply signing a piece of paper on receipt of your delivery, physically taking your parcel in hand, meeting your delivery person face-to-face or coming into daily contact with a co-worker, now posed a very real health hazard.

Pre-pandemic warehouses were also never in a position where innovation was crucial to survival however, COVID-19 and the global economic shutdown that ensued upped the stakes significantly. It became clear very quickly that in order to survive you would need a plan involving at least some degree of automation.

Lockdowns, social distancing and a long list of other COVID-19 health and safety protocols forced warehouses to find ways to adapt and operate seamlessly with a greatly reduced workforce.  

Social distancing or physical distancing rules make it difficult for warehouses to operate efficiently with a resultant ripple effect on the entire supply chain which was already under strain due to a sharp increase in demand and pre-existing orders awaiting fulfillment all coming together to create a ‘perfect storm’ resulting in out-of-stock products and shipping delays.


All of the above have created a dire need to find ways to do more with less… this is where Warehouse Automation Technology steps into the picture – giving the opportunity for leaner and more streamlined operations with reduced human capital involvement and cost, a far better value-proposition and even the chance to meet simple ‘regular’ business goals of the past.

QWIX can help you to take this incredible opportunity to step into the ‘future’ of warehousing and not only prepare adequately for the ‘new normal’ and preempt any crises future ‘disasters’ but also to improve, scale-up, grow and re-position to thrive as one of the best in the industry.

As you face demands for rapidly adjusting inventory counts, making more space for WIP, speeding-up delivery, implementing social distancing guidelines and possibly even decentralising, QWIX is here to make things easier and more manageable.  


Automated storage and retrieval systems can help by reorganizing and optimising shelving to reclaim floor space, boost efficiency, improve picking systems and optimise inventory management as well as help solve labour challenges and manage unpredictable spikes in demand.  

At QWIX we offer comprehensive end-to-end Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) and Supply-Chain Consulting.  Let us design the perfect solution for you.

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The global Covid-19 pandemic changed the world in general and the world of warehousing and the supply-chain industry, forever.  While some aspects of the pandemic will hopefully be temporary and relegated soon to the category of ‘things of the past’, others are definitely here to stay so we best shift and adapt with the changing times.  As we face this unpredictable future while trying to put together back-up plans for our back-up plans, warehouses and distribution centers are going to have to be far more flexible and adaptable with a focus on optimal use of space and efficient management of labour.

How we approach these changes and plan for the long-term effects will significantly impact the outcome to our reality – let QWIX help you to survive and thrive in the “new normal”.