When it comes to Warehouse Management, Inventory Accuracy is THE Vital Sign you simply can’t afford to miss.  An efficient, smooth-running Warehouse Operation can mean the difference between success and failure for businesses the world over.  

A well-run Warehouse ensures continuous product flow throughout the business.  This can inevitably result in satisfied customers and, in turn, have a positive effect on the all important ‘bottom line’.

Hitches, glitches and inefficiencies in your Warehouse system have a direct negative impact on your product margin and your business as a whole – chipping away incessantly at the solid foundations of your brand, reputation and future success.


Warehouse Inventory Accuracy is one of the key factors affecting any Warehouse system.  Having an accurate count of your inventory is like having your finger on the pulse of your business – it literally gives you the ‘vital signs’ which keep your business healthy and fighting-fit.


It is also one of the biggest challenges faced by Warehouse Management with the biggest cause of inaccuracy being human error.  Errors in initial counts or regular counts and everyday picking cause major discrepancies between your warehouse management system and actual stock on hand.  

Human error can also creep in in the form of time factors resulting in an inefficient system; insufficient knowledge or training of the manual warehouse management system; lack of decisive action when faced with a conflict or error; and errors being overlooked and ‘bypassed’.  

Over time the errors and inaccuracies which started off as a ‘molehill’, pile-up and become a mountain which may seem insurmountable.


How do you deal with this seemingly fatal, embedded error in the process?  Give QWIX a call.

QWIX, often saves the day, offering you a comprehensive Solution, tailor-made for you operation – either stopping the mole in it’s tracks or before it’s even started! 

We can make the best of any warehouse operation with our world-class Warehouse Management Systems, ePOD and Inventory / Asset tracking software solutions offer the best in end-to-end track, trace and goods management.

At QWIX we are proud of what we’ve developed to help you keep things running ultra-smoothly:

  • Get an all-encompassing, electronic Warehouse Management System (WMS) that equips you with real-time results to effectively manage your warehouse logistics with QWIX WAREHOUSE.
  • Our paperless stocktaking asset verification tool, QWIX AGILE , promotes accurate, quick and hassle-free stocktaking and asset management through barcode technology. 
  • QWIX EPOD gives you a cutting-edge electronic proof of delivery system in the palm of your hand.
  • The QWIX AUTOMATION solution provides work in progress tracking to track raw materials into production, provide live visibility of materials on shop floor, track materials, lots and batches live through all processes

Experience the QWIX difference that gives you total control – contact us and we’ll help you to keep your finger on the pulse of your operation.