Supply Chain Consulting – what is it, when do I need it and what are the benefits? If you find yourself pondering the intricacies of Supply Chain Management and are feeling a tad lost, confused or frustrated or if you are striving to be the best and wanting to move your supply chain into the future…  then look no further and read on-  we have some wisdom to share.

Supply Chain Consulting – What is it and when do I need it?  

A good question with a number of different answers. Businesses evolve and change and often reach the point where incorporating a supply chain is crucial to their continued growth and success yet they do not have the knowledge or capability to build and manage the best supply chain to suit their needs.  

Some businesses may find themselves in a situation where they do have staff with the necessary knowledge but they are occupied to full capacity with the running of the business and operations while others are looking at improving on or redesigning their infrastructure and operations to transform their existing supply chain and take it to the next level.

Benefits of bringing in a Supply Chain Consultant

Why would you consider the services of a supply chain consultant – what value would it add to your business or operation?  

The advantages of using a supply chain consultant makes for a long list – here are just a few of the most crucial:

  • Objectivity – a supply chain management specialist takes an objective look at the operation and is able to provide new, independent, impartial points of view without the internal influencing factors such as business history, culture and politics.
  • Focus: current managers or staff members are naturally focused on their current roles and obligations within the business and cannot give their full attention to figuring out or improving on your supply chain.  A consultant, however, has one sole purpose and that is – to transform your supply chain. 
  • Invaluable Experience: a supply chain consultant comes with invaluable knowledge and experienced gleaned from dealing with supply chain matters day-in and day-out whereas your manager or staff member will have more limited experience.  Consultants also have more tools at their disposal and are able to navigate any issue far more efficiently and come up with a variety of potential solutions.
  • Skill set: supply chain experts have a unique skill set which they bring to the table including – change management, project management, communication, leadership and strategy and analytics.

QWIX Supply Chain Consulting can step in and lend a helping hand to you and your business and brings with it a huge amount of knowledge and expertise.

“From our experience at QWIX, there are plenty of scenarios in which our clients have found themselves looking for advice and expertise in Supply Chain Management and we soon realised that they don’t always have the capability or know-how to tackle these issues,” says Sean van Harmelen, head of the QWIX Consulting Team.

“Over the years we would get to know a business through implementing our Warehouse Management Software Solutions and more often than not, would very quickly see there was a need for consultation on various aspects of the entire supply chain from designing supply strategies, designing and enhancing operations, even on the infrastructure and site development side of things… right the way through to full-life cycle services.”

QWIX is perfectly positioned to be able to offer clients a local product with cutting-edge technology through its Warehouse Management Software Solutions all brought to you by a team of logistics, warehouse and supply chain experts.

If you’re looking for advice on anything Supply Chain related – 

Infrastructure – from site selection to building specification and design on new builds, transport selection or vendor selection

Operations – operation design and enhancement, product slotting and profile design, process mapping or productivity enhancement

Supply Chain Strategy – which distribution and/or costing model is best, strategies for multiple distribution centres, process design and even human resources design-build

QWIX is here to help – contact Sean and the QWIX Consulting Team today –

“QWIX Solutions are perfectly suited to your needs and enable growth, improve performance and help drive the all important bottom-line.”